What is MOTOR?

So you're a DJ just bought a Maschine, wanted to produce and it all sounds shitty? Okay, that's what I did. But I think you once purchased Traktor and Maschine and want to use your Maschine on stage. Not in DAW but right in Traktor.
MOTOR gives you the ability to control almost everything of Traktor, it's a great addition to turntables and a mixer. Intuitive and fast with full feedback. No need to buy endless controllers like two D2's which offer less but a display or F1's. If you haven't go a Maschine yet, consider to purchase a used one (a used MIKRO MK I costs less than a new F1).

When I press something an other action is performed or my Maschine shows random values!

This is often the case if you have more than one controller in Traktor. Make sure, that every controller only listens and sends on his port. Check this in Controller Manager: select the controllers and check the In- and Out-Port. If the controller is not attached [MIDI-Port not visible] attach it or set the Ports to NONE.

This or that command does not work!

Make sure you're using the latest version of Traktor.

What requirements are for MOTOR 2?

Motor 2 uses Java, so you need a actual version of that. OS X <= 10.6.8 can just use Java 6, which is depreacted. While Traktor depends on 10.9 10.6.8 would be odd to use. Windows users need an extra MIDI Loopback Device Software that runs in background. On OS X it's already builtin.

How to install MOTOR?

MOTOR 1: just copy the Maschine configuration in the Controller Editor and the Traktor Mapping into Controller Manager in Traktor.
After you matched the requirements do the following steps:
  • OS X: Open Utilities>Audio-MIDI-Setup, open the MIDI-Window and IAC-Driver, check "Device is online" under Model drop-down.
    Windows: Open loopMIDI or similar software.
  • Then create two new ports with +, speaking names are e.g. "MOTOR In" and "MOTOR Out".
  • Import the TSIs into Traktor and set the In Port of the MIDI Controller MOTOR Input to MIDI Device "MOTOR In", and the Out Port of MOTOR Output configuration to "MOTOR Out". Quit Traktor
  • Import the ncm File for your Maschine into the Controller Editor, connect your Maschine
  • Open MOTOR and login with your account details. Select the Ports that you've set in Traktor and your Maschine MIDI Ports (not the hardware ports on Maschine and Maschine Studio, so be sure to select the Virtual In-/Output). Select your Maschine Type, then quit and restart MOTOR.
  • Now you can open Traktor and enjoy.

Can I use two Maschines at once?

Your owner of more than one Maschine? Glad that you ask! With version 1 (but who has two Maschine MK II?) just import the TSI twice and set it to the Maschine ports.
With MOTOR 2 you're way more flexible. Create a copy of the MOTOR executable in an other folder (otherwise the same settings file will be used). Configure both to listen and send on the same Traktor channels but different Maschine MIDI ports. Make sure to restart the programs after changing ports. You can rename the programs e.g. MOTOR Mikro and MOTOR Studio.

How do I upgrade?

If a update requires a new TSI File, then delete the old and replace it with the fresh downloaded. If upgrading MOTOR 2, make sure to drop it in the same location, otherwise your settings and licese is lost (no sync functionality yet).