Native Instruments Maschine and Traktor

Wouldn’t it be great if you could control Traktor using your Maschine?
It is possible! From summer 2013 on I worked on a mapping and tried to enable the maximum possibilities of Maschine, right in Traktor. From individual colors (HSB-color mode of Maschine) for cue points, full 4 deck support and FX control to Remix Decks and Freeze Slices.
The first Version was an ordinary mapping - just a TSI-file to import in Traktor, allowing you the most features. But at the end there were more than 3500 commands in it: heavy load time for the Controller Editor in Traktor and sometimes bugs which were hard to find. And one of the main issues: Traktor only allows to create 8 modifiers and use a maximum of two at once. It was that complex that I reworked the whole thing.
Now there is a separate bridge: Motor! In the background there is still a mapping in Traktor, but more lightweight. Plug your Maschine in, start Motor, open Traktor and start playing.
Constantly updated and functions on user request.


DJ Ollie:
Awesome work man! Very clear instructions and efficient button control. I think your mapping is by far the best because of the efficiency and LED feedback. (Video of him with version 1)

Sami Hyytiä:
I’ll have to say that you’ve done some truly amazing work with this mapping. By far the best Maschine MK2 mapping I’ve come across.

Sean Johnson:
Your mapping has changed EVERYTHING about the way I use Traktor. I made a super complex mapping for live remixing and now I don't need it!